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Four Layer Organic Muslin - Mustard

Four Layer Organic Muslin - Mustard

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Four Ply Fabric Properties

Four Layer Cover Size: 80x100 Cm

It is a healthy product produced from 100% cotton or bamboo.
It is produced in 4 layers and has a solid texture.
Does not harm the skin, does not cause allergies.
It has a breathable cotton fabric weave.
Thanks to its air-permeable structure, it does not sweat babies and children.
Moreover, thanks to the air flow, it does not sweat and does not suffocate.
It gives comfort, peace and comfort to babies.
In addition, it does not irritate the skin of babies.
It provides very practical use with its light and thin structure.
It is indispensable for expectant mothers and new mothers.
It is perfectly compatible with baby skins. It has no side effects.
It softens and stretches as it is washed.
It is also quite sturdy.
Its absorbency is quite high. Absorbs sweat, saliva or water quickly.
However, it can be used easily in all seasons.
It reduces the suffocating effect of the heat in summer. It protects from the cold in winter.
It also provides protection against the harmful rays of the sun.
It provides protection from wind, dust, flies, insects and other factors in the open air.
It provides ease of use at home, on the go and in different environments.
Moreover, it is the safest and healthiest choice for babies.
Its flexible and light structure ensures quality and peaceful sleep.
In addition, muslin fabrics do not contain any chemicals or harmful materials.
From baby products to clothing; It has a wide range of uses from textile products to decoration products.
Important: Do Not Iron on Four-Ply Fabrics!

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🌿 Our products are produced from 100% Organic Cotton Muslin Fabrics.


Production takes 3 days.

Shipment takes 5 days after production.

Depending to distances policy, shipment can 2 days late.

Washing Instructions

Do hand washing.

Don't use drying machine, wash machine and bleach. Don't iron on high heat.

Assemble the product while drying.

Custom Tax

Products are shipping from Turkey.

Tax costs can change depending on country you are in.

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Muslin Fabric

With its cotton and soft texture, muslin fabrics are one of the most suitable fabrics for babies' delicate skin. For this reason, it is fondly used in many areas such as baby care bag, shoulder cover and mouth wipes. Thanks to the spaces in the form of woven, this breathable fabric keeps you warm without sweating and the feeling of softness increases as it is washed. Musliniko Muslins are 100% cotton and certified. Its patterns and fabric do not contain any substances harmful to health. They are woven and sewn products suitable for baby health.

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