About Us

Parroc is a Turkish company.

As Parroc , we combine modern designs on 100% cotton fabrics with natural color palettes. While we offer mothers products such as fluffy muslin products, pushchair sets, babynests and sheets for their babies, we also offer a new generation product.

Muslin Covers and Blankets
We bring together modern designs and natural colors with our own production of 100% cotton muslin blankets in dozens of different patterns. All of our products are Oeko-Tex certified. We can produce any size you want. You can contact us for detailed information and special pattern selection.

Stroller Cover and Cushion
Our stroller covers and cushions are produced from 100% Organic Cotton Muslin Fabric. It is produced in sizes compatible with all stroller models (Hand Strollers, Car Strollers, Baby Stroller). All our models have the Oeko-Tex Certificate. Production can be provided in any color, model and size you wish.

Our newborn babies sleep an average of 20 hours a day in the first months of their lives, and providing a comfortable environment for sleep and resting during these periods is the most important issue for babies. One of the most important issues concerning young parents is sleep. Sleeping in space cots may scare your baby. Babynest gives our baby a feeling of comfort and protection during sleep. It offers a special, comfortable and hygienic home for our newborn baby. Our babynests are produced for double-sided use. It can be prepared in any size you want. Inner filling is 100% 1st Class Fiber. The fabrics used are 100% Cotton Organic Muslin Fabric. All our babynest models are Oeko-Tex certified.