Frequently Asked Questions

Is the product the same as in the picture?
Product images are taken by our own team. The products are exactly the same as in the picture. Minor tonal variations may occur due to Professional Equipment and Lights.

In how many days will my order reach me?
Your orders will be shipped within 3 days. Although the delivery time of the order varies according to the address you are in, it is delivered to you within 5 working days on average.

What is the shipping fee?
All Products Are Shipping With Free Shipping.

Can i trust you ?
As Parroc, we have been providing e-commerce services for about 2 years. All our orders are sent with an official invoice. You have all the rights under the Distance Sales Agreement and Consumer Rights. If you have any problems, our team will help you with everything. Even if otherwise, legal ways are always open to you.

What is Muslin?
Muslin is a type of fabric that has been used for centuries, its origin is attributed to different geographies such as Egypt and Bangladesh, is sparsely woven, 100% cotton, soft, natural and gets better with washing.

How should we wash the products?
We recommend that you wash our products by hand.
I see lint or shrinkage in my products. Is this normal?
Muslin fabric is 100% cotton woven fabric. Like all cotton fabrics, it is expected to become cotton after washing and use. The color fading that may occur is due to the nature of the cotton fabric. aims to offer the most natural form of cotton to its customers. For this reason, no additional cotton-retardant treatment is applied in Parroc muslins and cottoning is expected from the first wash.